What’s Your Best Tip For Student Going Away To School?

Graduation Cap And Diploma

Big One is getting ready to graduate from High School and has picked her university.  Before we know it, she will be moving out.  I wonder if she’s ready, have I told her everything she needs to know, are there tips we should talk about?  About studying, safety, boys, food, laundry, cleaning her dorm room 🙂 , honouring herself, making new friends?

Are you going away to school?  What is the best tip you received?

Are you sending a kid away to school?  What is a tip you will give them?

For those who moved out on your own long ago, is there one shared with you that you still remember?

Or maybe a tip, a truism, a fact of life, a nugget of wisdom you learned many years later that you wish someone had shared with you when you were starting out on your own?

Here’s my starter list for Big One…

  • laundry – when in doubt, cold water
  • boys – if they don’t treat you nice, don’t spend time with them
  • your room – keep it messy enough to be comfortable, and tidy enough so you can find things easily
  • studying – a little every day is always better than saving it up for the night before
  • safety – be aware of your surroundings, don’t take stupid chances, know your escape routes for fire, trust your instincts, remember your martial arts moves if required!
  • connections – it takes an effort to stay friends with people, and the rewards are awesome
  • family – call your mom often, and holidays with family are a given
  • food – try to eat well at least one meal each day
  • and most importantly, you teach people how to treat you – nobody is able to honour you more than you honour yourself.
Comment and add your best tips to help out!


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5 Responses to What’s Your Best Tip For Student Going Away To School?

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  2. PHONES: Never take your phone in the bathroom with you OR keep it in your pocket. ALWAYS a smart move there. Keep your wall phone charger in your purse, in your book bag at all times as you never know when your drained and will need it.

    WALKING AT NIGHT (on or around University): When in doubt, use buddy system on campus. Don’t walk alone. If you have to walk alone, be over aware. ALL about the awareness. Know where your campus blue lights are for safety just in case.

    Misc: Have fun and make lots of friends. Enjoy and find what you love as you have the whole rest of your life to do it. Act childish yet know when you must be responsible. Don’t sleep in class and never be afraid to get help in a class that you are struggling in as the Professor 9/10 times will be more understanding if you go to them first! LASTLY, ENJOY IT WITH ALL YOUR HEART as the time will go so quick. 🙂

    Great starter Techy, but here is just a few more! 🙂 ❤ ya!

  3. Love your practical and pithy advice – I’m going to borrow it next year!

  4. Here are two:

    Not showing up for Organic Chemistry all semester and then cramming the night before the final exam is stoopit stoopit stoopit.

    Stopping by the fast food place on the way home from the Frat party seems like a good idea at the time, but when you’re forty pounds heavier at the end of Freshman year, you’ll look back at those moments and think stoopit, stoopit, stoopit as you run very fast on a treadmill.

    I may be a fiction writer, but those two are true stories. 😉

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