Wonder why your kids look like you?

Defining moments in the life of a mom – I had one this week when I realized why my kids look like me.

Saturday night, just past midnight…

  • Little One – Mom, you know I have my dragon boat regatta tomorrow, right?
  • Me – no. pause.  I think I would remember if you had mentioned that.
  • Little One – oh, well I do.
  • Me – what time do you have to be there?
  • Little One – ummmmmm, 7ish
  • Me – would that be like 6:30, or 7:30, or whenever you feel like turning up?
  • Little One – well, I have to meet my team at the bus, and then it takes us to the lake, and ummmm, I guess I have to be on time or I’ll miss them.
  • Me – so, what time do you think you need to get up if we assume you are to meet the team at 7:00?
  • Little One – probably 6:30.
  • Me – (now understanding that he has no concept of getting up, eating, brushing teeth, driving to the bus, figuring out which bus his team is on instead of the other 29 teams) – so, buddy, do you have to pack things?
  • Little One – I guess so.
  • Me – Let me guess…bathing suit, towel, lunch, water for the day, a jacket in case it rains, that kind of stuff?
  • Little One – yeah.  Do you think I should do that tonight?
  • Me – (wanting to yell at him, knowing it wouldn’t help anything, and looking at his sweet little face that looks like me)  Yeah, that would be a good idea.

…and so off he went, and packed the bag, and I got up early and took him, and then I arrived later to watch him race.  Nice day that could have turned out differently if I had killed him and the team couldn’t compete.  And that’s why your kids look like you.

They came in 9th out of 30 teams.  Good job, Little One.

(serious about the defining moment, joking about wanting to kill him…parents will get the point, I’m sure)


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3 Responses to Wonder why your kids look like you?

  1. Huffygirl says:

    Ooh, looks like you had to stand out in the rain to watch this too. They do grow up Techie – just not for a while yet. Then, hopefully they have kids who also forget to give them the note from school, and the cycle continues.

  2. yellowcat says:

    My favourite was always, “I need 5 dozen cookies by tomorrow.” Then I’d root through a backpack and find the note from 2 weeks previous asking for cookies. Kids. You can’t kill them so you have to love them.

  3. I got the point and laughed my head off 😀

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