Tribute to Generous People

Friday I had the privilege of joining a business luncheon unlike any I have attended before.  The Executive Vice-President, Lance Drummond, where I work hosted this lunch for me, my daughter and three of her friends.  They studied hard and are all straight A students.  They finished their last exam and final day of High School on Thursday and are now eagerly awaiting their commencement ceremony next week.  This lunch was a perk between those two events.

Lance hosted us in the Executive Dining Room of the company.  The food was terrific, the view of the city from the 54th floor stunning, and the conversation was robust.  He gave them advice, related stories of school and growing up, and drew them out.  They brought their best selves to the lunch in poise, dress, manners, and conversation.  It is hard for an 18-year-old student to ‘see’ into a corporate job, but on this day these four students had an opportunity to try it on for a few hours.

How did the lunch come about?  About two months ago, these four kids were spending a day downtown and they dropped in to see me at the office tower where I work.  After they visited I was walking them out to the lobby, saw Lance’s door open and stopped to introduce them to him.  He is an executive who is not only engaging and generous with his time to get to know people, but also a thoughtful leader and parent so I believed he would be open to spending a few minutes greeting the high school students.

The discussion went as I had hoped – he was interested in them, asked about their plans for university, and gave them some nuggets of advice for this time in their life.  As they were leaving, he made the offer to follow-up with them once they were done with school and take them for lunch.  It was a surprising opportunity and one not to be missed!

John also gave them a tour after the lunch and they got to sit at the table where the Board of Directors meet.  Awesome.

Thanks Lance Drummond.  You have played a part in sending these graduates off with a view into the “art of the possible”.


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