Thursday Tech Talk – Acronyms

Acronyms – gotta love them.

We use so many of these in our daily life and we start thinking a) they are real words and b) everyone knows what we are talking about.  I sometimes wonder if technical people – the geeks – use these more than most people.  But, I guess every industry has their share.

Did you know there is a place to look up what an acronym means?  Of course there would be – check out   The problem is there are often 20 or more meanings for a single acronym.  A few that I had in one single conversation today…

What version of WID are we using? We won’t be using WESB, but we will be using the ESB and creating XSLT.  It’s not going on the ZOS.  Instead we will put it on the P-series.  The ESAS team will help and the DSS team will deliver.  I thought we were using WAS on WESB.

And I followed all of it.  Interesting?  Impressive?  …or just plain scary to think all this crap is rolling around in my brain…?


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2 Responses to Thursday Tech Talk – Acronyms

  1. CubicleViews says:

    I hate acronyms in the work setting (well most settings, but work really drives me nuts). If I had a nickel for every time I heard one and then sat there confused only to ask, “what the hell does that stand for?” I’d have like $8.

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