Tribute to Friends

A motley crew this group of friends.  And I mean this literally as the noun motley, not the verb motley.  From wikipedia

motley – When used as a noun, it can mean “a varied mixture.” As an adjective, it is generally disparaging — a motley collection is an uninspiring pile of stuff.

I had the pleasure of a terrific dinner this week with my motley group of 3 friends.  If anyone knows the four of us, it might be hard for them to understand the connection, the draw, the affection that exists.

We have been friends for years.  We don’t live near each other, we don’t work together any longer, and we have very different views of the world.  And yet, it works.  We sometimes get together two at a time, but mostly it’s just in the group.  We have dinner once a year (we say we will do it more often, but only one year were we diligent with that) and we laugh, and poke fun, and talk seriously.  We share some business knowledge, and personal updates, but mostly we just enjoy.

The food, the conversation, the ambience.  We share food and I’ll bet (but never asked them) they rarely share food in this way with any other group of four.  We used to do the traditional thing with each person ordering their own food.  I’m not sure exactly when and how it changed, but the style of the whole evening reflects the closeness of the group. Sometimes we all weigh in on what to order, but often one person just picks things.

We have a system on who will organize the next date and the restaurant, but it rarely works out.  Too much time will go by, one of us will take a shot at the organizer about why we don’t have a plan, and that person will quickly work to get the date on our calendars. One is always on time (okay, early), and the other three are always late.  It’s a competition to not be last.  It wouldn’t matter what time we set for the arrival, it would still work out this way.

Friendships like these are to be savored.  To be treasured, not dissected.  To be cherished, not challenged.  So today, my three friends, I reflect on our friendship and write this tribute to you.  You may laugh at the story of my Christmas Room, but I know your laughter is wrapped with sweet, gentle fondness.

The night was beautiful, the food delicious, and the memories firmly ingrained.


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One Response to Tribute to Friends

  1. John Erickson says:

    I have yet to find that closeness of friend down here in SE Ohio – unless it’s the fellow gearhead across the street. He’s blue-collar (I’m white-collar), he loves Fords (I’m a Chevy guy), he’s lived all his life in this area. Yet we can gas on for hours about absolutely nothing.
    I used to have several esoteric friends like yours, including one lady who thought PETA didn’t go far enough and that Greenpeace were wimps. And yet somehow, she could tolerate my right-of-center outlook on life, and I could always tweak her about being uber-left.
    Friendships like that are a true gift. Sounds like you treasure them as highly as you should. Enjoy!

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