10 for Tuesday – July 17, 2012

Frozen Lemonade

10 great things today…

  1. it’s HOT out and I love it
  2. last meeting of the day sitting out on my deck
  3. all packed up, ready for my 5th move at work
  4. preparing for friends visiting this week-end
  5. delicious Greek salad for dinner, delivered as a surprise by my neighbor
  6. frozen lemonade from Tim Hortons
  7. an unexpected discussion at lunch led to a break-through on a strategic topic
  8. lying in the hammock
  9. the pool is cool, well not that cool, but it is wet
  10. finding a nice pumpkin growing in my garden

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6 Responses to 10 for Tuesday – July 17, 2012

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  3. I love it when it’s HOT out, too. I think we are in the minority. Hot and humid and my hair curls. I love that, especially since I refuse to use a blow dryer in the summer.

    • lol…you may be the only person I know wit curly hair who likes the humidity! I am enjoying the heat, except last night when I could not sleep. Looking forward to a better sleep tonight.

  4. Gesa says:

    Sounds like you had a great day. Like the Tim’s Lemonade

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