Tribute to Hammocks



Hammocks – who first designed these?  Wikipedia says they were first developed in Mexico for sleeping.  Great invention.  How can you ever be in a bad mood if you are in a hammock?



We have ours set up beside the pool, under a tree where you can relax and read (or nap).  Even in the rain, you don’t get more than a few drops on you.  Perfect location, perfect invention.  Lucky me.








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2 Responses to Tribute to Hammocks

  1. Just make sure of two things. One – that the tree you’ve tied each end to is NOT rotten or loose in the ground (happened to a friend of mine – hilarious for us, not so much for him) and Two – that you tie GOOD knots to your supports. Fortunately, my experience wasn’t a sudden failure, just a slow, sinking feeling. 😀
    (It’s a very similar thing when putting up a tent. Nothing ruins a night’s sleep like waking up wrapped in soggy canvas!)

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