Thursday Tech Talk – Technologists and Pizza

What a sweet “techie Thursday”.  A lot of the normal stuff – meetings, decisions, escalations, conference calls, and signing contracts.

And then the technical fun that I look forward to each Thursday.  This week’s fun included:

  • are we building a web service with multiple operations or separating them into distinct services?
  • will we build the new service deployed on the distributed platform or WESB on Z?
  • do we bring on another cell of developers to fast track the project?
  • can we reuse the components?
  • can we create a sandbox for the new RAM tool while we work out the production build?

I love these technology discussions.  I love these technology people.

But time tracking…such a pain for everyone.  It has to be done.  Nobody likes to do it because they want to do ‘real work’, and I have to make them.  It’s important because if we don’t track the time, the team doesn’t get ‘paid’, and then it’s hard to justify the number of people we need to get the work done.  My team gets it logically and yet still we struggle.

The good news – I challenged them and offered rewards.  99% compliance – they get pizza and a jeans day.  95% – they get coffee.  Today I gave out coffee for the month of May results, and held a pizza lunch for the month of June results.  They did it!  I am proud of them.  They loved the pizza.  And I had an excuse to cancel a meeting so I could join my team and thank them, and spend a few moments just enjoying all these people who work hard every day to make my job look easy.

If they keep up the great work, we may add chicken wings by the end of the year!


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7 Responses to Thursday Tech Talk – Technologists and Pizza

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  2. toemailer says:

    We appreciate the time and energy it takes to run a good blog and so we have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award!
    We would be honored if you accept this award!

  3. I have to admit, I hate time tracking and invoicing, too. But boy do I love the checks when they arrive in the mail. Maybe I’ll treat myself to pizza the next time I’m doing the invoicing.

    • Sounds like a plan Margaret. But you have to wait until you actually send them out to earn the pizza! Have an extra slice if you get them done earlier than you planned. 🙂

  4. Any chance I could borrow a few to get our ISP’s wi-fi towers working properly? No WAY they could be worse than the twits from Omnicity!

    • Hey John – I do have a group of smart ones. I’m afraid to loan them out to you for fear you won’t send them back!

      • I think it would be more of a case of they’d never get back, ’cause there’d be just too dang much for them to do! (If you think of cable-based Internet as a Boeing 767, our wi-fi is a Wright flyer – not sure WHAT keeps it up, and it never stays up long! 😀 )

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