Tribute to Positive Thinking, and Trucks on Fire


Photo of the transport truck after the fire – on Highway 401 July 24.

I missed ‘10 for Tuesday‘ this week…but I did have a good reason.  Have you ever been stuck on a highway that is closed for four hours?  You have, you say?  Then please comment and let me know if you were able to stay positive.  🙂


Tuesday night – great evening with friends.  8 of us out for dinner.  We had dinner one year ago, same restaurant, same table.  The restaurant was on purpose, the table a coincidence.  I once had a friend who said “I love coincidence” and now every time I hear the word I think of that.  But I digress…

Dinner was over, and we said our good-byes.  7 of us had at least an hour drive in front of us, but it was worth it to stay in touch.  As I leave, I see signs that half the highway in front of me is closed (4 lanes of 8), so they are diverting the traffic.  But as I get to the place it should be diverting, a truck is on fire and they close all lanes.  How terrible is my timing?  I assume something will happen (police will come and help us use the shoulder, the truck fire will be put out, a helicopter will come and lift me away), but none of these things happen.  You see, the helicopter was busy practicing for the Queen of England to drop into the Olympics.

Four hours later, the transport truck full of paint and batteries (odd combination I know, but that is what they said) has been contained and we are moving again.  At 3am, I can now go home.  I said the friends were worth an hour drive, but 4 hours…hmmmmm…  Okay, okay, I’ll go again next year.

While I was sitting there, I thought of my little blog.  And I wondered if I could come up with 10 for Tuesday – 10 great things – while sitting in a parked car on a highway and wishing I was home in bed.  I did it…so I am giving a tribute to positive thinking and to myself.  See what you think…I felt lucky:

  1. it was summer so I didn’t need to keep the car running to stay warm
  2. I had filled the car with gas so I could turn it on and listen to the radio to pass the time
  3. I had my laptop with me, and was able to finish the presentation I was doing in the morning so I didn’t have to worry about doing it after having no sleep
  4. I had my phone and could call my husband to give him hourly updates – still here, yep – exactly same spot, nope – haven’t moved an inch
  5. I live in a city that is sane enough to sit on a highway alone and not worry (too much) about my personal safety
  6. I had not stopped for that cup of coffee for the drive home (and therefore was not worrying about a washroom)
  7. I am interested in people watching as I got to observe the kids walking from the car behind me to one about 20 in front of me and coming back with pillows (I guess there were two cars travelling together on that road trip)
  8. I didn’t have an infant in the car who needed food or medicineOkay, I only came up with 8.  I’m a positive thinker, but not a saint.

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3 Responses to Tribute to Positive Thinking, and Trucks on Fire

  1. Anonymous says:

    #6 is a good one.. when you’re a man!.. thank goodness for empty water bottles in the car!!! ha!

  2. With most modern cars, you can run the radio or CD without needing the engine running, and as long as you keep the headlights off, you won’t drain the battery TOO badly. (No hazard flashers, either – just leave the running lights on.)
    I never got into an accident-caused backup like that, but the Kennedy Expressway out of Chicago ALWAYS stopped between 5:30 and 6:30 pm. So I’d take the side streets. I had no idea where the heck I was at any given time, but eventually I’d stumble upon a road I recognised, then take that home. Beat the heck out of sitting in traffic, and drove my father NUTS! (He has a truly encyclopedic knowledge of Chicago streets, and must absolutely know where he is at all times. Me, I’m not too proud to wander around, as long as I’m going in approximately the right direction. 😀 )
    And never, EVER take that full tank of gas for granted!

  3. #6 would have been the clincher for me!

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