Tribute to Freedom and Motorcycles

Against my better judgement, Little One is out riding a motorcycle today.  Freedom, travel, growing up, making choices…all the things we want them to do in life, but are never fully prepared for as moms.

Enjoy riding that motorcycle Little One.  And come home safely.


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3 Responses to Tribute to Freedom and Motorcycles

  1. Anonymous says:

    My husband and I have owned a motorcycle for years. He is the rider, I am the passenger. The sense a freedom a bike provides is indescribable. I hope he rides safely and enjoys the ride!

  2. Well….. I’d prefer he be in full leathers, but kudos for the full face helmet and good boots. (As a teen, I once watched a rider, who did a header over the bars at over 60 mph, get scraped off the pavement. I’ll never forget that.)
    Besides, I have the feeling there are … shall we say … maternal “suggestions” running through the back of his mind? 😉 😀

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