Thursday Tech Talk – Good Days Work


Thursday Tech Talk – here we go…


  • Meeting with the leadership team and we run through all the actions we committed to.  Grueling details, important, and we’re making great progress.  Then some joking about trying to assign our action items to each other.  Camaraderie at its finest.
  • Meeting with all the managers across two cities to walk through new metrics.  Technologists love metrics. They don’t even care so much when it shows a bad news story because they intuitively get the levers, and they love a challenge.  Game on team, let’s watch that trend line move.
  • HR update on how my team is feeling, and the results are good.  Communication, direction, leadership, workplace, tools to do their job, and clarity of goals all rated high.  A few people said we should have more team events.  Techies are always looking for the food and coffee – me included!  (and then one said they didn’t attend when we had a pizza lunch – go figure)  If the worst thing I have to do is celebrate more with this amazing team, I am one lucky leader.


And then the ultra fun stuff…

  • online services
  • batch integration points
  • custom builds
  • and data integration

And make it all work together…

Which items are being built on with DataPower, ESB, WESB on Z, AIX, … and yes, we need the SDS, but before we can create it we need the signed off SRS and ABP.

Technology, acronyms, building systems, building teams.  Decisions on using the Cloud, inventory of common components, promoting reuse, decision trees, and we made a decision on two key hires for technical leads.

And at the end of the day, walked out with two people who truly made my day.  Imagine these unsolicited comments:

  • PM says “our business is so happy with the project, they want to have a big celebration with all the techies who made it happen” (how coincidental is that?)
  • Person on my team walks me to my car and says “whenever you spend the day with us, everything seems a little easier”.


Some things you simply couldn’t buy.  Sleep well techies, there is a lot more work coming at us tomorrow.




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One Response to Thursday Tech Talk – Good Days Work

  1. Awesome, absolutely awesome. When I worked for Ameritech, the standing tradition was “pity parties” on Friday nights, until they were officially discouraged. Then some wag decided to call them “quality circles”. Same idea – replace as much of your blood with beer in as short a time as possible! 😀
    Then there were our project “planners” (and I DO use the term VERY loosely), who would take the deadline date, calculate all the steps and the times they required, and then do Gantt charts BACK FROM THE DEADLINE DATE!!! Yeah, we wouldn’t even have the specs for the programs, and these yo-yos would hand us timelines saying we were already into the testing phase!
    I really wish you had been around in those days. Then again, maybe it’s best you weren’t – I’d hate to to be responsible for your going insane! (Hey, look what it did to ME! 😉 )

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