10 for Tuesday – August 21, 2012

fluffy cloudy life10 great things today…

  1. project review today – less RED this week than usual
  2. husband found the problem with the flat tire light on Big One’s car, the tires needed air 🙂

3.  greek food for lunch and it was delicious

4. person on my team did a presentation to my boss, and handled herself so well

5. one of my nicest colleagues dropped by and we talked and laughed and came up with theories on life – for people who are crazy busy these 10 minute fun conversations are like gold

6.  things are gelling – 3 different half hour meetings ended early and with total agreement on next steps for me and the people I met with

7.  the sky is amazing tonight

8.  traffic home was lighter than usual

9.  popcorn and a movie

10.  Big One and Little One come home tonight from their 3 day adventure and I’ve been missing them so much

loving Big One and Little One

I was truly blessed today.


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One Response to 10 for Tuesday – August 21, 2012

  1. Wow – a flat tire light? Fancy, schmanzy! Our cars are so old, the only flat tire warning we get is when bits of rubber start bouncing off the roof! 😀 (Actually, we have an automated, daily multi-input tire pressure and wear indication system – I walk around the car and see if the tires are low. “Mark One Eyeball”, in military terms. 😉 )

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