Where’s my head?

Where’s my head?  If it was where it is supposed to be, I wouldn’t be feeling this whiplash now would I?

I was learning a new breakfall.  I’m not even sure of the name, but I’ll call it a spinning side breakfall.  The theory is if someone pushes you off a high ledge, you don’t want to land and crack your head and die…so you should learn to flip, chin on chest, and land on the opposite side with bottom leg straight and bottom arm smacking the ground to take impact with the leg and torso.  Doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

Here’s how it should look when you land…

photo courtesy of http://www.yorkjitsu.org

Unfortunately, this is not how I looked when I landed.  I was more on my back than on my side, and my chin (tucked to my chest as I spun around, but with a mind of its own once I landed) fell backwards, hit the ground and then bounced back up.  The following conversation occurred…

  • instructor – are you okay?
  • me – yes, but my head hurts
  • instructor – what’s the first thing we learn in breakfalls?
  • me – chin on chest
  • instructor – did you keep it there?
  • me – not the whole time, that’s why my head hurts
  • instructor – hfaahuergquyef3jrbkaflaehe00rw9y98ykanfkbkqsbadwdetwfjbglgj (okay, that’s not really what he said, but I saw his mouth moving and couldn’t hear anymore)

So today I sit here with what I can only assume is whiplash – the sides of my neck are strained and make me want to cry.  But only if I choose to move my neck.  I trust this will help me remember next time to keep my chin on chest all the way until the rest of my body stops moving.  I sure hope I don’t get pushed off a ledge before I practice again.  🙂

photo courtesy of http://www.offexploring.com


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3 Responses to Where’s my head?

  1. Anonymous says:

    it’s called Ukemi (rolling and falling). You can watch it on YouTube. This technique is used a lot in Judo.

  2. I don’t like the look of that solution to being pushed off a ledge. Wouldn’t it be easier to just move to Kansas, where they’ve outlawed ledges (and any other vertical terrain)? You will notice I said it would be EASIER, not less painful….. 😉

    • I hear you! I always wonder how I got through life so far without being pushed off a ledge, falling into a laneway with broken glass, or needing to break someone’s nose by pushing up with the palm of my hand. But now I am ready for all of these things…well, except the ledge part!

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