10 for Tuesday – August 28, 2012

10 great things today…

  1. spent time with Big One (she leaves in 4 days for University)
  2. slept in
  3. beautiful day outside and we all had the time and inclination to enjoy it
  4. husband had fresh, hot coffee ready when I wandered downstairs
  5. small soft tears popping out of my eyes, but only when I was alone (see #1)
  6. air conditioner broke – why is this a good thing? – because we were fortunate that it broke just as the weather was changing to bearable temperatures
  7. lunch included fresh tomatoes from the garden
  8. Little One called to ask me something and had the sweetest lilt as he said “hi mom”
  9. worked out, motivated to stick to this new routine
  10. and the last one…I am on vacation today


Nice day, blessed life.



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2 Responses to 10 for Tuesday – August 28, 2012

  1. Thanks John. Sounds like a not so fun game of musical A/C. We are still doing okay, but the weather today was a bit trying. The nights are cool enough to sleep so far. I am sorry to say it looks like we are going to need a new one…

  2. Your A/C timing is pretty good. Our last unit crapped out right in the middle of a heat wave last year, requiring a game of musical A/C units and part of the house uncooled.
    And any day sleeping in is a big win! 😀

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