Thursday Tech Talk

Techie Thursday – here we go…

I had a different kind of technology focus this Thursday.  Big One is moving into her Residence at Queen’s University this week-end and she is getting herself ready.  In addition to shoes, and snacks, and photos being mounted in frames (these are the priorities for a student going away to school if the student is an 18-year-old girl)…

she is actually thinking about studying and her mom.  In order to manage through both of these priorities, today was spent setting up:

  • her new laptop and external hard drive to capture her masterpieces in case of laptop trouble
  • Skype on my computer so I can see her sweet face when she is calling me 


    I think these two things will help – her to be successful and me to feel connected.  The days are flying by.  Tomorrow is the last one she will live in our house, for the near future at least.


Thanks technology.  Family life will never be the same.

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2 Responses to Thursday Tech Talk

  1. Ah, where would we be without technology? (Whaddaya mean, skinnier, happier, and longer-lived?!? 😉 )
    See, I could tell her list belonged to a girl. A guy worries about 3 things, too – beer, food, and video games. A strangely-consistent list for over 3-and-a-half decades!

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