10 for Tuesday – October 02, 2012

10 great things today…tough day so the list is especially important…

  1. family who loves me
  2. friends who called to support me
  3. people who report to me showed their strength of character today
  4. professionalism displayed by so many
  5. stunning sunset and clouds
  6. a few moments of peace and a brief walk
  7. a conversation about Japanese swords
  8. a drive home with no traffic
  9. Big One had an interview
  10. time to reflect before sleep

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2 Responses to 10 for Tuesday – October 02, 2012

  1. Now, there’s a thought progression I’d love to hear! “How are you?” “Fine, and you?” “Doing pretty good.” “So how about this weather?” Yeah, it’s getting cold.” “So, have you sharpened your katana for winter?” 😀
    Must have been a conversation with some cutting remarks and slicing wit….. 😉

    • You are one funny guy. If I actually told you how we got to the sword conversation, you wouldn’t believe me. Let me just say that I was very impressed by a young lady who was composed and able to have this conversation as I tried to take her mind off other things for a few moments.

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