Tribute to Great Women in Computing

I was fortunate enough to attend the third annual ONCWIC – Ontario Celebration for Women in Computing.  A room of > 120 women, all with the love of computing in common.  See for details.

I met students and young workers with passion, and women in corporate and academic jobs anxious to share their experiences with these young women.  This event was made possible by Hanan Lutfiyya of the University of Western Ontario and Wendy Powley of Queen’s University, along with a dedicated team attending to every detail.

The speeches and activities were thought-provoking and relevant.  The real value of the event, however, was the connection being made by and for the audience.  Looking across the room and realizing there are other women interested in Computer Science and technology.  There are people like me, and I am like them.  Everyone enjoys finding similarities, kindred spirits, allies.  And for women in computing, this can be a difficult quest at times.  There are far less women in computing – in jobs, in schools, and at conferences.  But for this one day at least, the challenges are minimized and the possibilities apparent.  Women are smart, women can achieve greatness, and women are geeks.  In sincere, and honourable, and glorious ways.

What a sensational way to spend a day.


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3 Responses to Tribute to Great Women in Computing

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  2. Yay, another female computer geek!! Are we that much of a far and few between species? 😉 I love computing, and starting an Online Computer Science course this very day. We need more women in IT/CS, hopefully it will come. Lovely to meet you! Imogen 🙂

  3. It’s nice to see the cause of female geeks being promoted. Unfortunately, there are a significant number of women in I/T due solely to the “Peter Principle” of having been promoted to their highest level of incompetence. It’s really fun to work with computer chicks! (Oh lord, can I say something that sexist and survive? Tune in tomorrow to see if I’m still here! 😀 )

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