Airport View for You – Buttonville, Ontario

Buttonville Airport is in Buttonville, within Markham, but typically considered a Toronto Airport.  Population is approximately 30,000.  The airport started as an airstrip in 1953 and officially became an airport in 1962.  Current speculation is this airport will close in the next year and replaced with development of office and retail space.

With that in mind, I thought you’d enjoy a brief tour.

Walking from the parking lot to the door – about 20 steps.

The official airport sign.

Walked through the airport and out the back without having time for a photo!  And our float plane awaits…

Here’s a view of the road below as we fly away from the city.  You can see all the traffic heading in to work for the day.

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1 Response to Airport View for You – Buttonville, Ontario

  1. Oh man, that is SO neat! It reminds me of flying into John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. We WALKED from the plane to the terminal building (and right back out) to the baggage claim area – a linear belt that stopped after being loaded, which sat underneath a corrugated metal roof and a back wall. Nothing else. But hey – at least the pilot didn’t ask you to help yank on the prop to get the engine started! 😀

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