Tribute to Unexpected Connections

Flew to Florida for a business conference.  I planned to lay low tonight, eat by myself and do some email.  I know the week ahead will involve a lot of interaction with coworkers and with new contacts made during the week.  I find this type of event exhausting as it is hard to get any time alone.

I decided to go ahead and accept a dinner invitation and ended up experiencing unexpected connections and some fun along the way.

  • Sat at the counter and watched the chefs at work at The Flying Fish, amazing food and friendly chef
  • Two customers sat beside us and we got into a friendly, intellectual discussion about politics in general and the upcoming Presidential debate on Monday
  • Two customers on the other side of us were from Michigan, and since I am from Ohio we got into a great rivalry discussion about college football
  • Dessert – Caramelized Banana  Napolean -was more delicious than they even described it
  • My dinner partner was contacted by some of her colleagues who invited us to join them after dinner for a drink on the Boardwalk
  • We joined the table of 6 people and as they were introducing themselves to me, I realized I already knew one person from a previous company we had both worked at
  • We had a good-natured lively, thought-provoking debate about social media in general -how people use it, protocols, and whether we are losing human connections by counting on technology connections too much. I am not sure if anyone else felt the irony of that..we were all talking and interacting by having opinions about it.  No matter how you slice it, we were creating human connections.

For the serendipity of the night, and  the unexpected connections and fun, I give you all a smiley. 🙂 but don’t put one in your emails to me please.


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One Response to Tribute to Unexpected Connections

  1. Wow, you’re from Ohio? I never would have guessed, you seem so …. NORMAL. 😉

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