10 for Tuesday – Oct 23, 2012

10 great things today…

1. Giant Mickey Mouse hat

2. Rode the Tower of Terror, overcoming my fear of it – scary and a blast!

3. Techie talk about managing environments and deploying code

4. Saw John Chambers, CEO of Cisco interviewed in person…interesting

5. Meeting with my team, action planning for a project that is difficult

6. Sat with 4 people at breakfast, none of us knew each other and yet we made a connection

7. Met a new contact from my company and we found we could help each other drive strategy forward

8. Shared a laugh with a colleague about offering style tips for techies who need help

9. Called home and got sleepy Little One saying ‘mama’

10. Frozen chocolate covered banana


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One Response to 10 for Tuesday – Oct 23, 2012

  1. “Techies who need style tips”? Ain’t that like, pretty much, ALL of us? 😀

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