Airport View for You – Orlando, Florida

Orlando, city in the central region of the US state of Florida.  Population – approximately 240,000 people.  The airport is beautiful.  Take a look.

Pulling up to enter the airport…

Check out the flights…

Disney store in the airport to prepare you for a visit to the park…

Take a walk with some help from the moving walkway…

That’s a lot of Hello Kitty…

Hello Kitty

My kids told me nobody wears Crocs anymore, but someone is buying them in the airport…


and then the masses of people…trying to get through security where I am headed…


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5 Responses to Airport View for You – Orlando, Florida

  1. JulieSAFC says:

    I am headed to Toronto on Saturday so have the wonderful airport views to look forward to! I liked your take on it though, however I reckon your kids have got to be right, surely no one is wearing Crocs anymore? 😉

    • I think a lot of people are wearing the Crocs in the garden…and a few people I know wear them to karate classes…but I sure hope the days of these being considered mainstream shoes are over. How did Toronto treat you?

  2. We’ve had several days of cold, windy rain (Sandy stalled a stormfront over us). Boy, that looks so nice and WARM! 😀

  3. natymarie says:

    I love it! I live in Orlando. 🙂

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