10 for Tuesday – Oct 30, 2012


10 great things today…


  1. a photo of sunshine in Florida to brighten up this day as Hurricane Sandy left a lot of rain and pain
  2. power is on here, and that is a blessing
  3. sweet emails and phone calls from family and friends this morning checking that everyone is safe
  4. great intellectual discussion with my architect friend today about decision trees, frameworks, and identifying the target technology platform
  5. helping Big One do laundry at her dorm using photos from her phone
  6. watching Little One put on the fake mustache he got in his Halloween card and laughing at himself
  7. watching my husband steal Oh Henry bars from the Halloween candy that is supposed to be for the Trick or Treaters!
  8. The Good Wife
  9. Support Model defined for our new application and meeting went well
  10. Delicious coffee just when I needed it




















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5 Responses to 10 for Tuesday – Oct 30, 2012

  1. Good to hear all’s well on your end. And warm sunshine! We’ve been under grey, cold, drizzly skies for almost a week now, thanks to a front that Sandy stalled over us. No major issues, just some power blinks, a LOT of Internet outage, and a few midnight chimney-cover repairs – tiny issues compared to what many are dealing with.
    Happy Hump-day!

    • Wow – it’s been getting colder and greyer since the day I took this nice photo. I hope you are getting by without any more power outages.

      • Yeah, no more problems – for us, at least – once Sandy moved on. Just wildly erratic temps. We’ve bounced between low 60s and upper 20s in 48-hour periods at least twice in November, and we’re supposed to do the same this weekend! Will SOMEBODY figure out what bloody season it is?!? 😀

  2. Simply beautiful! Glad your safe girl! 🙂

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