10 for Tuesday – Dec 04, 2012

Ten great things today…

  1. Little One spending time with me
  2. Breakfast and coffee, did I mention coffee?
  3. Attended a Christmas lunch and joined two gracious people I’d never met before, spent time getting to know them and came away smiling
  4. The rain stopped long enough for me to walk outdoors to the lunch
  5. Discussion on technology metrics, productivity and efficiencies – heaven for an IT geek 
  6. Laughing
  7. Using my new speed reading techniques, why didn’t I take that course earlier?
  8. Feeling sore from martial arts last night
  9. No meetings after 5:00 pm today, a gift
  10. Got the photo of Colin Powell and me – just hanging out with him one day  🙂



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2 Responses to 10 for Tuesday – Dec 04, 2012

  1. That’s so cool, getting your picture taken with Colin Powell. My boss is there too this week – would have been a small blogger world if I’d gone, wouldn’t it?

  2. Well, look at you, hob-nobbing with celebs! Awesome! 😀

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