Sunday Letters – Dec 16, 2012

Dear Bowring,

Thanks for giving me a terrific customer experience and making my mantle glow with lightness as a bonus.

I went in the store to buy a wedding gift and while I was there, I picked up three stunning glass “candles” that you place a tealight in for myself.  I was putting the wedding gift into my trunk and was being oh so careful with it.  Taking great care of the large bag containing the wrapped wedding gift, the small bag with the glass candles slipped from my hand.  I heard the sickly sound – clink, tinkle, snap – of the candles breaking.  I hoped I would look in the bag and find at least two of them okay but it was not to be.

Now standing in the parking lot, feeling sad and a bit dumb for how this happened I weighed my options.  Here’s what I came up with:

  1. go home and not have my new stunning candles
  2. go back in the store and purchase three more, after all I really liked them
  3. go back in the store and tell them what happened and hope they would give me a small discount if they felt bad for my situation

I spent about 10 minutes thinking through each option.  The only thing holding me back from going back into the store was feeling they would judge me in some way.  After all, I knew I had purchased fragile items and I hadn’t even made it to the car.

Wanting the candles, I decided to go back in and ‘confess’.  I told the young women standing behind the counter what had happened and she gently and kindly said this…

“Oh don’t worry about it.  I’ll get you three more and wrap them up safely.  This happens all the time so don’t feel bad.”  She then went onto the floor to pick up three more candles, wrapped them up as she had promised, and put them into a box saying with a wink “just to be sure”.  She asked me to sign the slip saying I had received a replacement and thanked me for coming to their store.

What a day, what an experience.  I came home feeling wonderful and told my family about the angel who had helped me to achieve my goal of owning these beautiful candles.  This week-end, I went back to Bowring and purchased gifts for three more people.  You can say they only take care of people like me so we will spend more money in their store.  I say to that “good for them”.  If I’m going to spend my money and buy beautiful gifts from a store, I certainly like doing it at a store that can turn my feelings of being dumb to feelings of being normal.  And leaving with a skip in my step to boot.

With thanks, workingtechmom



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One Response to Sunday Letters – Dec 16, 2012

  1. When I was working at a gas station “mini-mart”, we sold bouquets of flowers. Not the best, and $20 for them (back in 1991). One night, a kid came in, wearing a prom tux (powder blue, I think), put some gas in his car, then went to the back and got a bouquet. He got to the counter, and figured out he was over $4 short. Though I was making minimum wage while trying to keep up house payments based on a 5-figure salary, he was just too romantic – or pathetic, I’m not sure which one won out. Either way, I threw my own money in the till to cover him, and told him to go enjoy his time with his girl. He thanked me profusely and ran out the door.
    My point? Sales clerks are human too, and sometimes quite sympathetic. Or sometimes, just REALLY sappy. 😉 😀

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