Thursday Tech Talk – Laugh or Cry?

Techie Thursday – here we go…

People do the darndest things.  Just a few examples after a long day today.

1. One poor person made a mistake and sent an email copying a large distribution group he did not mean to copy.  I don’t know how he made the mistake, but I was sure it was a mistake as soon as I read it.  Seems a lot of people either didn’t realize it was a mistake or wanted to be the one to tell him.  Either way, all these people also copied the whole distribution group including me.  So now I have more than 100 emails in my inbox with people saying things like “please take me off the distribution”, “I got this email in error”, “me too”, and on and on.  The only one I found funny (and no, I did not read them all) was “all together now, we got this email in error and Merry Christmas”.  I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry and the emails are still coming in 5 hours later.  I sure feel sorry for the first guy.  Technology was not his friend today

2. I was standing in line waiting to ask a question in an electronics store.  Not fun on a good day, extremely not fun 5 days before Christmas.  This man asked me if I was in line and I said yes.  When the person in front of me was done, the man – supposed to be behind me – steps in front of me and asks his question.  I use coping mechanisms at this time of year that do not include saying “hey creep, how rude are you?” so instead I said – “oh please go in front of me, it’s clear you believe you are more important than I am”.  I believe in karma…especially this time of year…so I assume he will get the product that has a defect.

3. Let me just say this…when someone does something nasty to you in a business meeting, and has to say “oh, it wasn’t intentional”, it probably was.  Oh you of the unintentional slight, I assume you are a) not nice or b) insecure.  I remember well the lesson I taught my children – don’t let how someone else acts affect who you are or what you do.  So I am moving on.

And now for the great stuff…

1. I was standing in the mall, watching a small boy run up to a small girl and wrap his arms around her hugging her so tight she cried.  It was sweet and innocent.  They didn’t know each other.  She stopped crying, stared at him, and then hugged him back.  Bliss.

2. Several meetings today with my team and they are delivering on so many projects.  The workload is huge and the stress of commitments is high, and yet they are focused and professional and upbeat.  I love developers and the things they can do.  People are working nights, and week-ends, and while not on the holidays but all around those days.  Defects, status, code builds, deployments, check in that code, and prioritize.  This is all the stuff that gets the blood pumping when you lead a development shop.  Thank you team for the dedication and results.  🙂

Tech Thursday.  Ending well.


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One Response to Thursday Tech Talk – Laugh or Cry?

  1. Glad to hear the team is working well. And with any luck, the clerk in the store has a wee bit of conscience, in which case, dude is gonna get a truckload of …. well, we in farm country call it manure. 😉

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