Sunday letters – Jan 13, 2013

Dear Grand Master,

Thank you for pushing me to learn, and also for backing off sometimes.  When I started years ago, I didn’t know what a hook punch was, or an uppercut, or literally any type of punch.

We recently did a whole class of punching and I was able to keep up, and execute each punch, and connect with that bag.

I did not like when we punched on one side with a partner punching on the other side at the same time because my partner is an ex-boxer!  He hit the bag so hard that I got the bag in my face and bloody knuckles.

And then you let me take it easy for a few rounds and punch at alternate beats from my partner.  Thanks for that.  I was leaving the next day for a business trip where I would be in a cocktail dress shaking hands with 400 people.  I was happy to have the knuckles healed and the face in one piece.

Don’t count me out though. I’m back from the trip and ready to rumble.

With respect, workingtechmom




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3 Responses to Sunday letters – Jan 13, 2013

  1. Oh, I don’t know – I’d find a gorgeous woman in a cocktail dress with bloody knuckles VERY interesting! Of course, if she showed up bruised and with a husband, I might try to deck the guy, making a horrible assumption (and a horrible mistake, since I couldn’t punch out a wet paper bag…. 😀 )!

  2. Jeremy Shane says:

    Don’t count me out. I am back and ready to rumble. Awesome attitude!

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