10 for Tuesday – Jan 29, 2013

Ten great things today…

  1. good, hot coffee
  2. reviewing a scorecard showing one of my teams has made terrific progress over the past year
  3. tough outage at work finally resolved
  4. viewing photos from our trip to Boca Raton, made me think of sunny days
  5. no snow on the drive to work today
  6. trading text quips with my coworker between meetings, taking silly shots at each other
  7. getting paperwork finalized for a trip to India soon
  8. called the dentist, got my appointment for Invisalign, very exciting
  9. serious talk with Little One tonight and he still confides in me šŸ™‚
  10. the laundry I left out was magically put away when I got home

Photos from my India trip in Feb 2012…Beautiful hotel in Agra, India


Just a scene as we’re driving along…


roadside scene in India


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