Thursday Tech Talk – Flash Mob?

All in a day’s work…

Defining, selling, and gaining approval on the approach for creating application documentation.  Oh, why haven’t we done this before?  It will be so good when we have it handy.

Passing gates on my strategic project with green ratings in our governance process.  The team prepared and executed brilliantly.

Reviewing a document that shows how we can transmit data from one external partner to another external partner – consistently, securely, and logically.  And the document was easy to consume.  Heaven.

Coaching employees so they can get feedback and support, go team!

And practicing for our flash mob performance tomorrow.  What?  I really don’t remember making any commitment to dance for ramping up the energy in business meetings when I took this job.  Please let it go well and let this third time performance be the last.  I promise we don’t look like this one, but I share for your pleasure a video and a snapshot of two well-done flash mobs.

Flash Mob



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