Thursday Tech Talk – Excellence

Delivery Excellence…

It’s so easy and yet so hard.  There are many things to accomplish before we get to do the fun part.  Meetings, estimates, processes, methodologies, pipeline, intake, approvals, and onboarding.

And then, we get to develop.  Man, I am a developer at heart so everything I do is focused on eliminating the meetings and status reports and ongoing discussions and getting to the part where the developers get to create.  It’s been many years since I got to put hands on keyboard and develop and yet I still get the adrenaline rush when my team is doing it.

Creating something new, knowing millions of customers will use the functions that we deploy, and connecting that piece of code to the value it brings to the business.  Heaven.

I still remember the day my first program worked oh so many years ago.  I finished the code, executed the program, and saw the results.  I sat there in awe and wonder and felt like I was King of the world.  I never forgot the feeling.  So every day, every meeting, every decision I make today is focused on making sure my team gets the chance to feel that too.  Understand the business need, develop the code, and then relish the success.

It’s rewarding to motivate a team.  And enjoyable to see their faces when they achieve Delivery Excellence.  Not so hard after all.


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