10 for Tuesday – Feb 12, 2013

What an amazing day, it will be hard to pick just 10 great things today…

  1. Held an offsite meeting for 100+ people on my team and everything went according to plan!
  2. My family texted me to wish me luck just as the day was beginning.
  3. The management team did a terrific job in the panel discussion.
  4. My team participated and seemed engaged through the whole day.
  5. The lunch was tasty and hot and there was plenty of food.
  6. The team building magician – Anthony Lindan – was magical, and theatrical, and wove all the right messages into the performance.
  7. The team yelled out answers to the trivia quiz and guessed 9 of the 10 questions in split seconds.
  8. The speeches went well and the messages were all delivered with the right tone and understood with the right context, and the team asked logical and relevant questions.
  9. We were on time, every item, all day.  A feat only attained through fabulous preparation and execution by Sharon, Richard, and Piotr.
  10. My friend called as I was driving home to ask how it went.  So sweet.

A bonus one today… Big One called, and she did not have such a good day.  I was able to be calm and caring and give some advice and help her see tomorrow would be a better day.  Everything doesn’t always go right, but it sure is nice to still be the one she turns to.


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