Sunday letters – Feb 17, 2013

Dear fever of mine,

I don’t remember inviting you for a visit.  I tried to be hospitable when you showed up.  I asked you why you came and what you wanted from me and still you have not played your card.  Three days of fever, and sore muscles but no other symptoms.  I thought you would turn into a flu or chest cold or sinus infection.  You are just content to hang around making me tired and full of aches, and I don’t know how to encourage you to leave.

I have things to do.  I want to enjoy my Family Day holiday Monday, I have some important meetings on Tuesday, and a flight on Thursday.  So, dear fever of mine, I’ll give you one more night in my home.

And then I’d like you to pack your bags and head on your way.

With fatigue, workingtechmom


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One Response to Sunday letters – Feb 17, 2013

  1. Harbin77 says:

    Hope you get to feeling better

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