Sunday Letters – Feb 27, 2013

Dear life of mine,

We’ve had quite the day, you and me.  Days like this remind me that choices we make can lead us to new and interesting paths if we choose wisely.

I stood in a store today making a purchase.  Looking at many different options, having several salesmen describing the differences in the products, and ultimately making a choice of which one to buy.

What made today different was that I was standing in a store in India and comparing silks – both the type of silk and the depth of detail in the design.

I don’t claim to be an expert.  I just felt that I was standing in a place where I was learning from people who cared about their product on a Sunday afternoon that had started completely unplanned.  A colleague needed to buy some fabric to match a sample he had brought from his wife who was going to make curtains. I went along to be kind and to get to know this colleague a bit better. I didn’t really expect to have fun, I also didn’t expect to not enjoy it.  I just went because he didn’t want to go alone.

So there I stood, enjoying myself, learning something new, and loving the look of all the silk material I saw.  The wedding sarees, the scarves, the children’s clothing, and the yards of material.  After seeing a demonstration yesterday on how the weaving is done and learning today the material for one wedding saree can take 3 months to create, I felt truly blessed.

To think that along the way I made a simple choice one day that led to this job, to this trip,  and to this experience.  It wasn’t a straight line from that choice leading to today, it was a meandering path, some days gentle and other days turbulent.  Thanks life of mine for letting me see the connection.

Wistfully, workingtechmom


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3 Responses to Sunday Letters – Feb 27, 2013

  1. Ritu KT says:

    Hey Working Tech Mom, I have nominated you for The Liebster Award on my blog. Check it here

  2. I wonder which part of India you visited 🙂 I was shopping for wedding sarees during Jan-Feb! 🙂

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