Thursday Tech Talk – Humming

Thursdays are good days.  My technical days, team days, connecting days.  The weeks are busy, and there are so many aspects – establishing strategy, selling the services of my team, managing and monitoring all the financials, and metrics, and status reports.  But Thursday is glorious…

This week I reflected on how the ideas are coming to fruition.  We established a project review board and a demand review board over a year ago.  We created governance meetings with vendors, and management meetings with the team to ensure consistent and timely communication.

We had ideas and we worked hard to put them in place.  And the early meetings were bumpy, the prep for them seemed tough, and the outcomes not always helpful enough for the time invested.  We persevered, and stayed cohesive as a team, and now..

Things are humming.  I spent Thursday with the team and everything is working.  And the discussions about issues were all focused on work, and technical roadblocks, and not about people or process or whether we are getting the outcomes we needed.  The team is focused, and talented, and even shared a few laughs as we teased each other over coming to meeting rooms instead of sitting alone at our desk, and which team has the best food at their team lunches.

We’ve come a long way in this team.  Humming.

I sure hope they are ready for the challenges ahead.  We can add new verses to the song!


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