Sunday Letters – July 21, 2013

Dear Little One,

You make my life (almost) every day and yesterday you made my day!  We had an unusual Saturday in our house leaving you and me alone for many, many hours and you spent them all with me.  We swam, and talked, and cooked, and took some photos.

I love telling you stories of when you were young – from being a baby who cried all the time, to hiding under the table when it was time to start Kindergarten, and now growing into a terrific young man.  You are kind to your family, responsible in your job, and goofy with your friends just as a 17-year-old boy should be.

You are a good sport and you are thoughtful in the truest sense of the word.  You think, you analyze, and learn.  You are a good friend to your friends and see the humour in the stories when I remind you of being chased by a girl who ‘ruined’ your recess in grade 2, playing with the kids in the street and getting injured after I warned you that you were too small to jump the ramp with the big kids, and your first girlfriend having a gift delivered to you at school in grade 7 and embarrassing you.

And thanks for not telling me until later that you turned down an invitation to a Saturday night gathering to hang with your mom. (so I wouldn’t have to say it’s okay for you to go)

You’ve made your mistakes.  And so have I.  And together we are learning every year.  Me how to parent a kid who is the Little One, and how to keep you close while preparing you to leave. And you, how to pull away and show your independence without making bad choices, and how to stay close and still become a strong man.  And I am positive we have a great shot at success.

We have a long history, you and I.  🙂  Thanks for the day and thanks for the friendship.

Your proud, and happy mom

me and Little One


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4 Responses to Sunday Letters – July 21, 2013

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  2. bulldozer00 says:

    Nice! You’re both lucky to have each other.

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