Thursday Tech Talk – Development Practice

Driving the Development Practice forward – not an easy task, but certainly a good one for a geek like me.

Today we had our Council and terrific presentations from the team members:

  • code reviews and tools to help
  • datastage design and coding standards
  • development checklists
  • static code analysis rollout
  • applications and tools coming to end of life

The team was prepared.  They presented valuable information, right level of detail, and plans to move each item forward.  They get it.  Ideas are fabulous, and plans to implement the ideas are crucial.

The rest of the day was full.  Assessing the impact of a major outage, working through how to roll out new quality measures, test sets, environments for testing a large program,  resource discussions where they highlighted the development team is now over 400 people.  Whew!

And a highlight of the day was presenting my Administrative Assistant with a card and a nominal gift.  This was to show her how much the team cared about her after the personal impact she and her husband suffered from the recent flood in Toronto.

Good job team.  Thanks for a full day being immersed in the technology!



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