Sunday Letters – Jul 28, 2013

Dear Power Washer,

What a fun tool you are.  We started the day with a plan to power wash the stonework around the pool.  Little One finished the job, and then I asked him to clean the decorative rocks in the garden.

He completed his task and escaped without putting anything away.  I decided to clean the bricks that edge my vegetable garden, and then I cleaned the white rocks in another garden, and decided to look for something else.

As I placed my glass of water on the marble mosaic table, I realized it was looking a bit dingy.  Oh, pressure washer…one more thing for you and me.  I cleaned the table diligently moving the wand back and forth on each tile and the grout lines between.  Little by little, the smooth stone reappeared and it looked stunning.  I’m so happy with how the backyard looks tonight.  I am worried the pressure washing could become a bit addicting so it’s time to put it away for a while!

Laughing at myself, workingtechmom

power washer


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2 Responses to Sunday Letters – Jul 28, 2013

  1. I have some vinyl siding that is just calling you and your washers name then… 🙂

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