Sunday Letters – Aug 18, 2013

Dear Mom-of-mine,

I’ve been thinking of you today.  Truth be told, I think of you every day but today is a special one.  Not your birthday, or mine, not a day I will see you…but a day when your words are in my head and making me smile.

You often sign your emails (and letters in days past) with the phrase “your biggest fans”.  It touches me every time I see it because I know it is true.  I know you and Dad feel it, and I feel it, and it matters.  If your parents are your biggest fans in life, how could you ever feel badly?  A lot of parents can say they are supporters, coaches, friends, confidants, and caretakers.  And you are all those things for sure.  But fans?

What this means to me is that you are there always.  Good days, bad days, healthy days, sick days, excellent decisions, mistakes along the way.  Heck, we’ve all seen people go crazy for their sports team and support them even when they fall down on the job.  It takes a lot to stick by a team through everything they face.  Or a daughter.

So today, why did I think of these words?  Not because I had a bad day and needed that lift.  No.  I thought of your words as I sat with Little One today and we shared thoughts and feelings and he discussed his future.  His future?  Geez…he’s only 17.  And yet, I realized during this seemingly normal conversation over lunch on the patio that he is thinking ahead and planning his future and making decisions about what he wants in life.  Wasn’t it only yesterday that I planned his future?  When I decided what school he would attend, and what friends to invite over, and what he would eat for every meal.

Those days are gone.  I can discuss with him, and still influence a bit.  But I really can’t decide much.  That’s what he needs to do.  We’ve taught him well.  We’ve given him strength of character and confidence and a foundation of family and love.  And we have a relationship where we can talk about the mistakes, just like a team reviewing the game clips.

So we can’t make his life decisions for him.  We can be there every day cheering him on.  Celebrating his successes and boosting him with “you’ll get them next time” support.  Just like a sports team.  And we can be his biggest fans.

Thanks Mom.  For this…and so much more.

Lovingly, workingtechmom

(Little One with my Mom)

Little One with my Mom



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2 Responses to Sunday Letters – Aug 18, 2013

  1. I feel this 🙂 Thanks for putting it into words… I am my children’s biggest fan!

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