10 for Tuesday – Sep 03, 2013

10 great things today…here we go…

  1. last vacation day for a while, and making the most of it
  2. breakfast out with my husband and Little One (who now calls himself Only Child)
  3. beautiful sunny day with the best light breeze
  4. ordered new cushions for the outdoor furniture, colour is called SALSA 🙂
  5. used the outdoor furniture so much for 9 years that we need the new cushions
  6. dentist checked my Invisalign and they are working perfectly
  7. caught up with my girlfriend and had a few laughs
  8. talked to Big One, she is all settled into her house with her roommates
  9. emailing with my Mom about our 30 day squat challenge, so proud of both of us!
  10. reminiscing with my Husband about Little One playing soccer when he was 7 years old, and going through old photos

family 059


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