Thursday Tech Talk – Passion and Quality


PAQ – Passion and Quality – that’s really all it takes to deliver great software.  We started an initiative with the goal to deliver unprecedented clean code.  And guess what?  It’s happening.

Twenty code drops into our system test cycle with ZERO coding defects.  And all it took was the passion to do a fabulous job and the goal of excellent quality.

Oh yeah.  And a whole lot of talent.


Go team.





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4 Responses to Thursday Tech Talk – Passion and Quality

  1. bulldozer00 says:

    Kudos to you and your team WTM. I’m really curious as to the details of how you pulled off the transformation. Did the initiative include investing in some sort of training for your team? New tools? New project management and/or development practices? Was your team’s performance terrible before the initiative was launched? How much so? What was the bugs/delivery ratio before the initiative?

    I’d love to know your secret so that I can possibly help out my group.

    • hi bulldozerOO – more to come on this topic, but briefly in answer to your question – new practices, my challenge to them, and my belief they could do it…we had some practices, added others, and then held people accountable to actually follow them. I will be following up in the next few weeks with some details as we are capturing them right now.

  2. Clean code? TOTALLY clean code? Sorry, that sounds an awful lot like “Look at my Loch Ness monster photo!” to me. 😉 😀

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