10 for Tuesday – Oct 01, 2013

Long day, great day…here we go…

  1. leaving the house, kissing Little One good-bye and his sleepy voice saying ‘have a great day Mom”
  2. early meeting today and I wasn’t late
  3. hosting one of my team members at a networking breakfast, feeling proud of him as I introduced him around, and him thanking me for the opportunity
  4. introducing presentation that made me think differently about how we approach challenges with our teams
  5. a quick business lunch, brief discussion, a few good decisions made, and off again
  6. two major projects going so well that I am able to delegate the weekly meetings to one of my team members, when they no longer need me for escalation it is a good sign
  7. asked to attend a meeting tomorrow and present on a colleagues behalf, a 15 minute briefing, and he prep’ed me so well I am ready to make the pitch!
  8. swimming at night, in the dark, warm water… such a pleasure to swim outside in Canada in October, floating around and looking at the stars
  9. talking about our upcoming vacation, we will have Big One and Little One alone with us for four days, heaven
  10. a new business contact gave me a book because he thought I would enjoy it after a conversation we had on running a shop focused on excellence and quality (“The Goal” by Eliyahu M Goldratt) – very thoughtful



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One Response to 10 for Tuesday – Oct 01, 2013

  1. Oooo, swimming at night in open water. That was always fun in Lake Michigan. Unfortunately, the nearest open water is a creek that … well, regularly has toilet paper and .. um .. “other things” floating in it. 😯

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