Tribute to Teen-Age Sons

  • Little One  – Hey Mom, I’m going to put new speakers in my car.
  • Me – That sounds complicated.
  • Little One – Not bad mom. I have a friend who does it a lot.  He’s going to help.

Fast forward…

Speakers arrive in the mail. (teenagers buy everything online it seems).  Little One and four teen-age boys show up in the driveway.  They work on the car, eat pizza off the hood, and enjoy lots of “stupid boy chat”.  Hours later and the speakers are working but somehow the power windows don’t work.

Might not be too bad except the next day I had to drive the car so mine could go in the shop for service.  I drive to work unable to use the windows, no door panels on the car, and I have to lift a set of cables and plastic pieces to find a door handle to get out of the car.  Little One says with a smile “Mom, if you need the insurance papers they are in the glove compartment.  But the glove compartment is in the trunk right now.” As I describe the car I am driving to my friend that day, she laughs so hard she can not breathe.


Fast forward again…

Patient husband works with son, finds the issue (window going down is touching something metal – I didn’t listen to the rest) causing the fuse to blow, shows Little One how to fix it, and everything is now working.

I ask Little One how he feels and he says two things:

  1. Mom, the stereo sounds AWESOME.
  2. When I am listening to it, I will always know I did it myself instead of just paying someone to do it.


In my head I thought “with a little help”.  But I didn’t say it out loud.

Good job Little One.



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One Response to Tribute to Teen-Age Sons

  1. He did better than the yo-yo from Best Buy who installed a radio in our 1990 Subaru. The goof linked BOTH forward speaker outputs to the left front speaker, hooked the right rear feed to the right front speaker, and the left rear output to the RIGHT rear speaker! It took me and my father (who’s done wiring-related work for over 60 years) 2 days to get the thing straightened out. No more “professional” installation for me, thanks! 😀

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