Thursday Tech Talk – Research

I had the great pleasure yesterday of participating in an interview conducted by the Research Board about technology with a specific focus on Application Development.

There is a risk for leaders that you can become exclusively focused on setting the vision and daily execution.  It’s conversations like this that allow me to reflect on what we do and the value it brings to the organization as I describe what we put in place and why.  I described the team, the challenges, the success criteria, and the journey.

I can communicate the vision, drive the passion to execute, and establish measures as proof points to judge the success.  But at the end of the day, it takes those 800 talented team members to believe, to care, and to execute.  Every minute, every day.

The pleasure was mine yesterday.  Sharing the message with the team today magnified it.



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One Response to Thursday Tech Talk – Research

  1. My ISP could use your team’s help – silly thing’s been up and down for a week, more often than a hyper yo-yo!

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