Thursday Tech Talk – Value

Thursday tech talk – here we go!

I had an interesting conversation today about technology teams providing ‘value add’ items.  Simplistically, this is when a team does something that is above what was asked for or planned that brought added value to the organization and/or the customers.

The interesting part was when I asked who says it was valuable and how you connect it to what someone values.

An example outside of technology to help…

If I am thirsty and wishing for a drink of water, and you give me a beautiful jacket, is that valuable to me?  Let’s see.  The sweater has some type of value as an object (the price paid or the price someone would pay to buy it), but it is not value add to me since I did not have my need met.  You could say that if I get chilly in the future it will have value to me, but maybe I already have a jacket.

Back to my discussion today… I asked the team to tie the laundry list of value add items to the strategy principles I had established.  This would allow me to see the value based on the framework that grounds us, back to what we set out to accomplish.

The team did the exercise and mapped the value statements to the strategy goals.  Who knew a few little dots on a piece of paper could change the conversation instantly?  Well done team, well done.

We will do more of this. Start with the goals in mind and assess the efforts and outcomes against them.  Because if we set the right goals in the strategy from the beginning, we should make sure all our efforts are helping us achieve them.



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