How did I get here?

I love when I have those moments enjoying life and my brain thinks “how did I get here?”

I had one today.

I was sitting at dinner tonight surrounded by friends, savouring delicious food, and listening to terrific jazz music.  Out of the blue, my brain asked “how did I get here?”

You see, our host was a good friend of mine that I met through serendipity.  I went on a business trip to Florida, had a conversation with people I had never met, had an idea, and scheduled a follow up.  For the follow up, they included a person N. from India who came to Toronto to meet with me.  The meeting went well and the team went to dinner to celebrate.  Three hours later, I felt I had made a friend.

Fast forward 18 months after only 3 more in person meetings, and we are together to meet with our joint teams.  Planning for the meeting was done by members of our teams and we never spoke.  And yet, as we walked onto the stage to address them we were in perfect harmony.  Key messages, challenges for progress next year, and recognition for successes achieved.

This brings us to the dinner tonight.  It took place at a restaurant in Bengaluru, India.  N. told the story of when we met and then a story of me being over-protective of my son.  I told stories of his driving habits and him missing his mom’s cooking.

Just like great friends do.  Living a world apart, seeing each other rarely, and yet connected by friendship.

How did I get here?  Lucky I guess.



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