Travel Treat

Traveling for 16 days.  10 flights, 6 hotels, a few rickshaws later and I am on the last leg of this journey. We have met so many great people but today was frustrating.  Starting with the check-in where the attendant tried to say we could not take our overweight luggage home with us.  No option to pay for overweight, and we could take it if split into two bags, but the one bag would be left behind.  The same luggage that had been on the previous 8 flights with the same airline.  I was in the middle of contacting a colleague in India to get him to come gather the luggage (because I was getting on that plane!) when some manager said he would do us a favor and let us go.  30 minutes gone.

Next the security line…where there were more workers than customers and it still took us 30 more minutes to get through.  Off to the gate and we realized it was the furthest one away.  So far away that they actually have ‘travel time to gate’ posted on signs.  Ours said 25 minutes travel time.  Enter nicest man in the of the golf cart drivers noticing the looks on our face came out of nowhere, offered us a ride, and whisked us past the 35 gates to deliver us.  Five people left to board, and we were just in time!

In Brussels, we had to get out of the plane and pass through security.  I had the good fortune for my carry on bag to be completely searched and unloaded for objects that have passed each of the other check-ins. Now, sitting in Brussels awaiting the last transfer I am enjoying a little treat. (See photo!). It’s a sign of the day when a cute bottle of coke and a babybel are the highlights.

We are safe…and headed home.  I haven’t lost sight of that!  Enjoy your Thursday.



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