How did I get here?

I love when I have those moments enjoying life and my brain thinks “how did I get here?”

I had one this week.

I was having a conversation with a man about women working in India.  He was offering his perspective on how this is changing the culture because women are delaying marriage and initiating divorces when they are not happy.  Two outcomes of the women having more choice and more money that is changing the family culture of the country.

I understand his perspective, although did not agree with all the points he made.  After we parted, the conversation stuck with me for some time.  My brain was pondering it even when I was not consciously thinking of it.  And so I decided today to consciously ask myself –  “How did I get here?”

How did I find myself in this discussion and have the opportunity to form an opinion on such an impactful topic?  Interesting that the very thing being discussed was the thing that brought me here.  I had opportunities when I was young to make decisions – to go to University, study mathematics and computer science, and graduate with skills and confidence.  This led to further opportunity to join a corporate organization, prove myself, move into a leadership role, and manage teams across countries.  I have since been fortunate enough to work with teams in eight countries.  And from the beginning, my parents always believed in me.  These factors led to the moment I was on a business trip to India where I participated in four different forums with women who talked to me about the opportunities and the challenges they experience as they make career and family choices.

And then, this conversation took place.  So in the end, I realized it was not whether we agreed or not that mattered.  The important thing was that I had family support, opportunity based on the culture I lived in, and also made personal choices that led to this discussion and my having enough background to form an opinion.

How did I get here?  Indeed.



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2 Responses to How did I get here?

  1. neil says:

    you sell yourself short. !! One comes across clients who do this because it is their job or clients who do this because they find it challenging … You do it for all those reasons but more than that you do it because you genuinely enjoy it. It is why it is such fun to work with you. Even when you are increasing your hosts blood pressure by driving auto rickshaws illegally…..

    Come back soon…

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