Sunday Letters – Nov 03, 2013

Dear parents of mine,

I can’t thank you enough.  Not today, not ever.  All I can do is live in a way to honor what you’ve given me.  A foundation of love, and family, and sense of self.

You taught me to be curious.  And cautious.

To be strong in body and mind and to keep stretching myself.

To give a lot to my family and friends, my community, and my career.  And then to expect a lot in return.

To be happy and thankful. How many people would benefit from just that lesson?

To keep living, every day, no matter what.  To keep having dreams, and aspirations, and fun.

To forgive, to be kind, to laugh.

To try new things.

To count on people, including myself.

To be quiet at times and think.

You taught me I matter.  And that you’d always be there.

I traveled to India these past two weeks knowing you raised me to be confident in my presence, to explore other cultures, to be cautious with my health, and to check-in with you so you would know I was safe.

You’ve taught by example.  I can’t thank you enough.

Lovingly, workingtechmom



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2 Responses to Sunday Letters – Nov 03, 2013

  1. neil says:

    just for the record… Mom if you are reading this blog… these words apply to you too .. K is referring to parents globally 🙂

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