Tribute to Computer Geeks

Geeks… Nerds…

Do you know one?  Are you one?

I am a geek.  And proud of it.  So today, when I was attending an event to celebrate Women in Computing, I was surprised to hear the question ‘should we embrace the label or try to remove it’?

Of course, there is no right answer.  These are my thoughts – that I shared with the 220 young women attending:

I love being a geek.  When I am called a geek, I feel happy.  And when I am called a geek by another visible geek, I am honoured.  This does not mean everyone who says it means it as a compliment.  But being called a geek is no different than any other label a person puts on me.  If they say it rudely and meaning to offend – “hey, you are a geek” said with venom or disgust, I simply reply ” thank you”.  Because hey, what they say does not change who I am.

Another message I shared with the group was things to keep in mind while job searching:

– be qualified

– be active in your search

– be professional

– be positive

The conference, Ontario Celebration of Women in Computing (ONCWIC) hosted by the University of Waterloo  for 2013 was a success.  A shout out to Kate Larson of the University of Waterloo and Wendy Powley, Queen’s University for their tremendous leadership and their passion for the geeks.

I was touched by all the participants, the speakers, and the questions asked.  I feel privileged to have been asked to speak at this event.  Being in a room full of technical geeks is fun, and having that room full of women is AWESOME.

I met so many talented and positive women.  I know they are ready to change the world.

I also have to thank my team members Sharon, Bharathy, and Mariangela who gave up their Saturday to attend and support me when I spoke.


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  3. Anonymous says:

    thanks for you talk!

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