Sunday Letters – Dec 01, 2013

Dear Traditions-of-mine,

We are turning you on your head this year.  Through a series of life events, we are travelling on different days and having company at different times than usual.  With Big One away at University, I am also doing some of the planning and decorating with Little One and my husband that I am usually doing with Big One.

Our family photo usually taken at my parents’ house on the lake will be done in a different location and on a different day this year.

Today, I felt blue.  It all seemed like too much change.

And then, my husband said gently “when we started each of those traditions, they were new too”.  It made me laugh…it made me tear up a bit…and then I realized he was right.  The important part about the traditions is who you do them with.  Some old traditions will stand.  And some new ones will be introduced.

And the family will be around me for each.

Wistfully, workingtechmom



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