How did I get here? – Dec 14, 2013

Sitting on a train on Saturday night. Not planned, so … How did I get here?

Big One was sad.  And I was missing her.  Only a week until she comes home for Christmas break, and yet it seemed too long for both of us.

We decided I would visit Sunday. And then Saturday, Sunday felt too far away.

Phone calls, texts, and change of plans at home.  Need to get Little One’s applications in for University and I can drive out about 3:00.  I forgot Little One is not as organized as expected.  Ever.

6:30, leaving home, and the bad weather predicted has come to taunt me.  7:00, and I am not far from home, but I am close to the train station.  I decide to risk it…pull in, ask for a ticket, the train is due in 9 minutes.

No seats you say?  Oh, one seat left, at a price of xx ( insert 2.5 times what you normally pay), and I take it.  So, I sit on the train. I am almost there. I text Big One.  And she says simply ‘awesome’.

How did I get here?  Indeed.

Via rail train


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2 Responses to How did I get here? – Dec 14, 2013

  1. That’s how I feel, these last few days of waiting until she comes home are painfully long. That seat, no matter the price, was meant for you!

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